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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Author: Innocent

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Updated: 2021-09-25 14:04:05

Latest chapter: Afterword And Announcement Of New Book

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《Destroyer of Ice and Fire》Latest chapter
Afterword And Announcement Of New Book
Chapter 696 New Era Epilogue
Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise
Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter
Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow
Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted
Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 690: Make Me Angry
Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die
Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature
Chapter 687: Deep Green
Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled
《Destroyer of Ice and Fire》' main text
Afterword And Announcement Of New Book
Chapter 696 New Era Epilogue
Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise
Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter
Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow
Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted
Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 690: Make Me Angry
Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die
Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature
Chapter 687: Deep Green
Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled
Chapter 685: Blood Reincarnation!
Chapter 684: Similar Rage, Lighting Dragon’s Despair
Chapter 683: The Final Fear
Chapter 682: Reversed Situation, The Evil Dragon’s Servant Captain!
Chapter 681: The Source Of Premonition
Chapter 680: Successful Explosion, Ayrin’s Scheme
Chapter 679: Dragon Slaying Sword
Chapter 678: An Unimaginable Countermeasure
Chapter 677: Difference, Ayrin In Danger!
Chapter 676: Simple Arcane Skill, Big Usage
Chapter 675: Can We Really Win?
Chapter 674: One Strike! Ferguillo’s Confidence And Determination!
Chapter 673: Crisis! Pure Power
Chapter 672: Black Flower Vs Spear
Chapter 671: The Miscalculated Evil Dragon
Chapter 670: Time To Create Epic
Chapter 669: The Frontal War Commences
Chapter 668: The Corps With Unknown Utility
Chapter 667: The Evil Dragon Breaks Through!
Chapter 666: Ayrin Also Has A Secre
Chapter 665: The Evil Dragon’s Secre
Chapter 664: Unable To Defea
Chapter 663: Ferguillo vs. Evil Dragon Descenden
Chapter 662: The Evil Dragon Descendent’s Ambition
Chapter 661: None Of Those
Chapter 660: The Signal To The Final War
Chapter 659: The Deep Green In Dream
Chapter 658: Two Valkyries
Chapter 657: Black Jasmine Reappears
Chapter 656: Hand Blade and Thousand Storms Sword
Chapter 655: Fellemang’s Assassination
Chapter 654: The Past Warriors Could Not Be Proud
Chapter 653: Stingham’s Use
Chapter 652: The Reborn Ambitionis
Chapter 651: Final Clean Up
Chapter 650: Ayrin’s Bizarre Plan
Chapter 649: An Eye Blinding Army
Chapter 648: Dissimilar Companions
Chapter 647: Waiting For the Opportunity Of The Final Showdown
Chapter 646: The Evil Dragon’s Descenden
Chapter 645: Ferguillo’s Calmness and Belo’s Agitation
Chapter 644: Ferguillo’s Clean Up
Chapter 643: All Resulted From Courage
Chapter 642: Two Pupils
Chapter 641: Ferguillo Transplanting An Arm
Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham
Chapter 639: Ice And Fire
Chapter 638: Hermit Residence
Chapter 637: Is Every Person Born A Hero?
Chapter 636: Cursed Army And Crown
Chapter 635: White Giant Arcane Master
Chapter 634: Born For Fighting
Chapter 633: This Is A Type Of Ancient Ceremony
Chapter 632: Ice Cold Body
Chapter 631: The Hand Within The Fores
Chapter 630: Evil Spirit Servan
Chapter 629: This Era Is Not Pure Coincidence
Chapter 628: Powerful! Eccentric Arcane Master!
Chapter 627: Unreasonable Breakthrough And Shock
Chapter 626: The Strongest Is Never The Bloodline
Chapter 625: Old Ginns Reappears
Chapter 624: Storm Kingdom’s Punishmen
Chapter 623: The Evil Dragon’s Enemies
Chapter 622: The Evil Dragon Rapidly Growing Stronger
Chapter 621: Stop Running Away
Chapter 620: Companion’s Determination
Chapter 619: Dragon’s Grief
Chapter 618: Never Give Up
Chapter 617: Hot-Blooded Individuals
Chapter 616: Fearless!
Chapter 615: Rinloran’s Rage
Chapter 614: Resurrected Evil Dragon!
Chapter 613: Sparkling Tears, Elegy Of Life
Chapter 612: Office of Special Affairs’s Mistake
Chapter 611: Responsibility Matures A Person
Chapter 610: Changing Situation
Chapter 609: Domineering Beastman
Chapter 608: The Powerful Army After The War, And Unsatisfied Youths
Chapter 607: If You Don’t Give Us, We Will Kill You All!
Chapter 606: The Final Opponen
Chapter 605: Powerful Escor
Chapter 604: Eye Blinding
Chapter 603: Notebook Teacher Reappeared
Chapter 602: The Most Powerful Momen
Chapter 601: The True Coffin Master Bishop! Evil Dragon Gate!
Chapter 600: Winged Devil, The True Destroyer
Chapter 599: Stingham Meatshield, Ayrin’s Breakthrough
Chapter 598: Jean Camus’s Trembling
Chapter 597: Climax Of The War, Deaths Of The Strong
Chapter 596: Revitalized Crown
Chapter 595: Ayrin Is Busy
Chapter 594: Baratheon’s Paranoia, Duel Between Voodoo And Storm
Chapter 593: A Study That Must Be Completed Impromptu, Dragon Interference!
Chapter 592: Jean Camus’s Greatest Secret, Body Swap Domain!
Chapter 591: The True Valkyrie
Chapter 590: Bane! Stingham’s Counterattack!
Chapter 589: Intense Battle! Deaths Of Important Figures!
Chapter 588: Infinite Stacking, Another Battle That Ended First!
Chapter 587: A Battle Seemingly Impossible To Win
Chapter 586: The Sixth Corps, A Terrifying Lineup
Chapter 585: Corrupted Blood Assaul
Chapter 584: Kill Me
Chapter 583: The Golden Girl’s Determination And Grief
Chapter 582: Battle Between Ancient Successions
Chapter 581: The Solution The Enemy Could Never Imagine
Chapter 580: Split Up, Dangerous Tactician Enemy
Chapter 579: Crisis, A Trap Specially For The Holy Dawn Geniuses
Chapter 578: The Key To Determine The Outcome
Chapter 577: Racing Against Time
Chapter 576: A War In Which Even Powerful Individuals Seemed Insignificant, Carter’s Bitterness
Chapter 575: A Girl’s Determination, The Returning Army!
Chapter 574: The Army Taking Shape
Chapter 573: Demihuman’s Creativity
Chapter 572: Surprisingly Easy, Incomprehensible Demihumans
Chapter 571: Counterattack! Thorns Swamp!
Chapter 570: A Coincidental Summoning
Chapter 569: Arrival Of Reinforcements
Chapter 568: So What If I Die Fighting?
Chapter 567: Onward, Nether Mountain Range
Chapter 566: Stingham’s Improvemen
Chapter 565: My Enjoyment Comes From Fighting Against I
Chapter 564: Breached City Reinforcemen
Chapter 563: A Teammate That Can’t Be Disliked
Chapter 562: We will Leave Las
Chapter 561: Because We Are Comrades
Chapter 560: Frustrated Gaze
Chapter 559: Evil Dragon’s Artifact!
Chapter 558: Marching Towards Danger
Chapter 557: Coffin Master Bishop?
Chapter 556: Fearotz’s True Strength
Chapter 555: Grudge Soul Gem
Chapter 554: Can You Fight Properly
Chapter 543: Single Strike Style; Exit!
Chapter 542: One Man Holds The Pass!
Chapter 541: Depraved Elf Corps Reappears!
Chapter 540: Decisive Battle Right At The Start!
Chapter 539: War Outbreak
Chapter 538: Must Win
Chapter 537: Smell Of War
Chapter 536: Trauma Room, Five Senses Torment!
Chapter 535: Death Bet!
Chapter 534: The Choice Of One Vs Army
Chapter 533: Never Agree
Chapter 532: Choice Of The Strong
Chapter 531: Ancestral Blood, Final Showdown
Chapter 530: Fighting Against Impossibility!
Chapter 529: Kill You, Or Be Killed By You
Chapter 528: Blood Moon Night, The Fated Enemy
Chapter 527: Revenge, Is Not That Easy
Chapter 526: Eternal Winter Forest, Empty Town
Chapter 525: Feeling Of Power
Chapter 524: Belo, The True Brave Warrior’s Figh
Chapter 523: Meaty Aroma Airship
Chapter 522: Daring Idea
Chapter 521: Outcome Not Predictable
Chapter 520: Power Type King Worm
Chapter 519: The Enemy Who Received Both Physical And Mental Abuse
Chapter 518: Evil Dragon Transformation
Chapter 517: Provocative Fighting Method?
Chapter 516: A True Life-Risking Battle
Chapter 515: The Long-Awaited War! Gathering Of Experts!
Chapter 514: Impulsive Youth Possession?
Chapter 513: Prologue To Destruction
Chapter 512: Unchanging Domain
Chapter 511: Super Pervert And Too Strayed Off
Chapter 510: Human Mower, Reunite!
Chapter 509: Plan To Ea
Chapter 508: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 507: Nostalgic Smell
Chapter 506: Eat It Raw!
Chapter 505: The Best Bai
Chapter 504: The Thief Couple’s Decision
Chapter 503: Great Drunken Warrior
Chapter 502: Latent Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 501: The Moment Closest To Death
Chapter 500: Prior To Escape
Chapter 499: Stalemate! Strong Enemy Returns!
Chapter 498: Stopping The Entire Corps, Metal Warfare!
Chapter 497: Corps In Distress
Chapter 496: Annihilator
Chapter 495: The Man Equivalent To One Third Of The Corps Total Fighting Strength!
Chapter 494: Arcane Skills! Bloom Like A Kaleidoscope!
Chapter 493: The Fury Of The Corps, Non-Stop Battle!
Chapter 492: One VS Corps, Begin!
Chapter 491: Kill On Sigh
Chapter 490: The Secret of Composite Skill, Defeated!
Chapter 489: Duel! Battle Against Royal Arcane Masters!
Chapter 488: Kaleidoscope Type Arcane Master’s Training Ground
Chapter 487: Godly Prediction! Godly Precision!
Chapter 486: Showing Mercy!
Chapter 485: Grandmaster Screwface 2.0
Chapter 484: Things Go Wrong
Chapter 483: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Hope
Chapter 482 B : Sneaky
Chapter 482 A : Satisfied
Chapter 481: The Bloodline Flame Activated For The First Time
Chapter 480: Fight To The Heart’s Conten
Chapter 479: Epic Silver Dragon Bloodline!
Chapter 478: I Will Take The Rear
Chapter 477: Eternal Winter Domain
Chapter 476: Clan Of Water Type Dragon
Chapter 475: He is the Green Dragon Prince
Chapter 474: Forbidden Zone Encounter
Chapter 473: Divine Temple Forbidden Zone
Chapter 472: Gaining A Domain From Eating
Chapter 471: Unexpected Change
Chapter 470: The Real Glutton
Chapter 469: Ice Dragon Spiri
Chapter 468: Mountain Cleaving Titans That Can Be Summoned
Chapter 467: The Traumatized Monsters
Chapter 466: Become A Monster Summoner! Monster Trio Summoner
Chapter 465: Eat Before Figh
Chapter 464: Temptation Of Food
Chapter 463: Grandmaster Screwface
Chapter 462: Deviant Six
Chapter 461: Sewer Story
Chapter 460: Support From Wind And Shadow Departmen
Chapter 459: Swashe Brothers Showdown, Killing!
Chapter 458: Another Incident!
Chapter 457: White Butt Wind Department Arcane Master
Chapter 456: Beating Up The Handicapped Child
Chapter 455: Simple Solution
Chapter 454: Unstoppable Attack
Chapter 453: The Mysterious House’s Internal Conflic
Chapter 452: Psychic Style Successor
Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yasha Form
Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell
Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feas
Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins
Chapter 447: Bloody Nigh
Chapter 446: Strange Discovery
Chapter 445: How to Die
Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!
Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision
Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation
Chapter 440: Rinloran’s Breakthrough, The Team Becoming Stronger
Chapter 439: Belo Acting Strange, The Land Of Eternal Winter
Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass
Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?
Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision
Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secre
Chapter 434: Sword Match
Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge
Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl
Chapter 431: Golden Girl
Chapter 430: News of Victory
Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards
Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!
Chapter 427: Creepy Smile
Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Ou
Chapter 425: Showdown! Evil Six! Maelstrom!
Chapter 424: How Should We Survive
Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow
Chapter 422: Learn And Apply
Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again
Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush
Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu
Chapter 418: The Start Of The Hardest Figh
Chapter 417: Invisible Thread Execution
Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers
Chapter 415: Big Reversal
Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis
Chapter 413: Corpse Fores
Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!
Chapter 411: Do Your Bes
Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham
Chapter 409: It Did Wonders
Chapter 408: Come, It's Dragon Slaying Time
Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Ou
Chapter 406: Double Dark Destruction Dragon?
Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation
Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce
Chapter 403: Determination For Victory
Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!
Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle
Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting
Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer
Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork
Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team
Chapter 396: Immediate Departure
Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride
Chapter 394: Blood Tears
Chapter 393: Inspirer
Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!
Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud
Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card
Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Resul
Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two
Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain
Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!
Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan
Chapter 384: News Of Death
Chapter 383: Ancient Ruin Covered In Snow
Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away
Chapter 381: Ferguillo’s Silent Decision
Chapter 380: Uninvited Gues
Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitmen
Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery
Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths
Chapter 376: A Destroyer's Strength
Chapter 375: The First Retainer
Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers
Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger
Chapter 372: Killing Purely for the Sake of Profi
Chapter 371: Slaughterhouse
Chapter 370: The Dark Side of the World
Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood
Chapter 368: Super Special Training, Hell’s Kitchen
Chapter 367: Arriving at River Bend, Acting Separately
Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness
Chapter 365: A Marvelous Image
Chapter 364: Metal with a Will
Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure
Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear
Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team
Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Fee
Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentmen
Chapter 358: Alarms Outside the Barracks
Chapter 357: Constantly Growing Youths
Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly
Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spiri
Chapter 354: Three and Three
Chapter 353: Monsters Who Learn From Each Other
Chapter 352: Searching For A Path to Victory!
Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness
Chapter 350: Black Ayrin
Chapter 349: Limit Surpassing Battlefield
Chapter 348: A Team of Monsters
Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chris
Chapter 346: The Third and The Fourth
Chapter 345: A Giant Who Never Gives Up!
Chapter 344: The First to Emerge, Ayrin
Chapter 343: An Individual Battle, Moss’ Crisis!
Chapter 342: Breaking Through Piece by Piece
Chapter 341: The First Challenge
Chapter 340: A Grand History, A Mighty Corps
Chapter 339
Chapter 338: Coming Out of the Shell! Departure, Towards the Decisive Battle of Three Powers!
Chapter 337: Jean Camus’ Reques
Chapter 336: Heart of Fury, A Bestial Roar
Chapter 335: Competition Containing Rewards and Elimination
Chapter 334: Monster of Vengeance
Chapter 333: Chris’ Path, A Plan to Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Chapter 332: King of Sudden Attack, Fighting One Against Many!
Chapter 331: After the Fight, Independent Training and Becoming the Strongest Meat Shield
DIF Chapter 330: Ayrin's Plan
DIF Chapter 329: Ferguillo’s New Secre
Chapter 328: Familial Pressure and Resolution
Chapter 327: An Unstable Belo
Chapter 326: Lessons Learned and a Triumphant Return
Chapter 325: Determining Victory and Defea
Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!
Chapter 323: The Power of Wealth
Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength
Chapter 321: Increasing the Gap
Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!
Chapter 319: Bloodline? A New Special Training
Chapter 318: After the War
Chapter 317: This Great King
Chapter 316: Avenging Flame
Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem
Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror
Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter
Chapter 312: We Shall Protect You
Chapter 311: Until We Meet Again, Ashur
Chapter 310: The Face Under the Mask
Chapter 309: Evil Dragon’s Altar, Flames of Hatred and Vengeance
Chapter 308: Glory of a Brave Warrior
Chapter 307: The Undead Bishop’s Strongest Skill
Chapter 306: Theft atop the Battlefield
Chapter 305: Monstrous Little Dragon, the Kingdom’s Tenth Dragon Rider
Chapter 304: A Little Thief, the Draconic Language
Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals
Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses
Chapter 301: A Strange Little Dragon, Encountering Jean Camus Once More
Chapter 300: An Eyecatching Team
Chapter 299: Fighting as Three
Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time
Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!
Chapter 296: An Attacking Thicke
Chapter 295: Falling Onto the Battlefield
Chapter 294: The Special Lunar Spring Essence
Chapter 293: Encountering the Undead Dragon
Chapter 292: An Unthinkable Tribute
Chapter 291: The Nether Ice Sea
Chapter 290: A Gift from Those Guarding the Boundary
Chapter 289: Kaleidoscope Arcane Master, Advancing Forward! The Death God’s Teachings
Chapter 288: Reborn as a Vengeful Spiri
Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God
Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors
Chapter 285: A Battle of Life and Death, Surpassing Limits!
Chapter 284: Evil Blood Body Fusion, Ayrin’s Breakthrough
Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation
Chapter 282: Innately Untalented Yet Extremely Powerful!
Chapter 281: Shocking Power
Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen
Chapter 279: Mermaids! I Likey!
Chapter 278: The Third Arcane Gate Beckons
Chapter 277: A Failed Robbery
Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal
Chapter 275: The Gnome Scholar who Brings Shock
Chapter 274: Cursed to be Single Forever
Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away
Chapter 272: A Reunion of St. Lauren’s Youngest Generation
Chapter 271: A Suicidal Arcane Team?
Chapter 270: Alongside the Power of the Fallen, the Fighting Continues!
Chapter 269: Mission: Blockade
Chapter 268: The Start of a New Epic
Chapter 267: Kingdom of Evil
Chapter 266: It Begins
Chapter 265: Time for a Robbery
Chapter 264: Could You Hit Me Twice?
Chapter 263: I Messed Up
Chapter 262: Scoundrels Encountering Scoundrels
Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six
Chapter 260: The Birth of an Extremely Perverse Arcane Master
Chapter 259: The Most Embarrassing Arcane Master in History
Chapter 258: Arrival! Encountering an Evil Dragon Archer Team
Chapter 257: A Completely Transformed Stingham
Chapter 256: The Black Witch’s Gif
Chapter 255: Necromancy Skill of the Black Witches!
Chapter 254: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 253: An Unimaginable Result, A Bumpy Fire Caracal Ride
Chapter 252: Chaotic Domains, Practitioners on the Verge of Death
Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains
Chapter 250: Three Incomprehensible Arcane Masters
Chapter 249: A Seemingly Unreliable Team
Chapter 248: House Baratheon Sends its Regards, Moment of Revenge Approaches
Chapter 247: Deception of a Five Gate Arcane Master
Chapter 246: Stingham’s Inventiveness, The Call of Death
Chapter 245: The Devil Forest’s Gift, Beset from Both Sides
Chapter 244: A New Mission and Nolan’s Warning
Chapter 243: Inner Conflicts, A Mission Which Surpasses Expectations
Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me
Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance
Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve
Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability
Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!
Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies
Chapter 236: The Unforeseen Occurs, A Super Strong Opponent Appears!
Chapter 235: Reinforcements Arrive, Into Battle
Chapter 234: Without Any Regrets
Chapter 233: A Perfect Opportunity! A Change of Format!
Chapter 232: A Gathering of Thousands of Arcane Teams! Onto the Mission!
Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting
Chapter 230: Stingham After the Match
Chapter 229: If You Wish to Kill Me, You Must Put Your Life on the Line
Chapter 228: Mirror of Damnation, A Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell
Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!
Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb
Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?
Chapter 223: The Reason for Feet Licking, and Belo’s Sacrifice
Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage
Chapter 221: A Bloody Battle
Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo
Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effec
Chapter 218: Tyrin’s Wild Ambition and Stingham’s Show
Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance like an Idiot !”
Chapter 216: Storming Out of the Gates, A Changed Moss
Chapter 215: An Assembly of Powerful Spectators And the Symptoms of Face Blindness
Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation
Chapter 213: Terrifying Improvement and Growth of a Blank Slate
Chapter 212: The Birth of a Kaleidoscope Arcane Master
Chapter 211: Liszt vs. Leonardo! A Confrontation of Taboo Level Masters!
Chapter 210: Old Enemies
Chapter 209: The Headhunting Houses
Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match
Chapter 207: Incomprehensible
Chapter 206 Apple Prayer
Chapter 205: Let's Be Friends
Chapter 204 Ferguillo's Secret Training
Chapter 203: Secret Deal
Chapter 202: Godly Endurance
Chapter 201 Chris' eruption
Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline
Chapter 199: Waves of shadows
Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!
Chapter 197 A mission for you
Chapter 196 For the final victory
Chapter 195: Tyrant Eye
Chapter 194: A shocking battle
Chapter 193: Shocking battle
Chapter 192 A fight between high-level elven bloodline and poison dragon
Chapter 191 Another meeting with greed particles
Chapter 190 A fight with a special meaning for Silver Trou
Chapter 189: Joining the team!
Chapter 188: Blood Vow
Chapter 187: Rinloran's anxiety
Chapter 186: The expelled Stingham
Chapter 185: Holy Angel
Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!
Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!
Chapter 182: Two-nil!
Chapter 181: For honor, for St. Lauren
Chapter 180: Ayrin's migh
Chapter 179: Passing the tests
Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory
Chapter 177: Moss' progress
Chapter 176: The Salamander Pit training
Chapter 175 To protect for love's sake
Chapter 174: Ayrin's letters
Chapter 173 New competition schedule
Chapter 172: Holy Gate of Life
Chapter 171: Opening the second arcane gate
Chapter 170 Waking up
Chapter 169: I think I just hallucinated
Chapter 168: The meaning of being alive
Chapter 167: The God of Death's dread
Chapter 166: A decisive battle with the God of Death
Chapter 165: Another encounter with the God of Death
Chapter 164 Art of the Dracolich
Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!
Chapter 162: The God of Death's sudden appearance
Chapter 161: Ferguillo's real secre
Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons
Chapter 159: First fight as an arcane team
Chapter 158: Draconic scholar
Chapter 157: An arcane skill once again showing wonderful results
Chapter 156: A night of chaos
Chapter 155 Start tonigh
Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary Part 2
Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary Part 1
Chapter 153: Murder in broad daylight, and a peculiar skill
Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn
Chapter 151: A dream, or reality?
Chapter 150: Strange comprehension
Chapter 149: Intangible show of strength
Chapter 148: Permanent materialization skill
Chapter 147: A suspicious figure
Chapter 146: Surging currents on a dark night Part 2
Chapter 146: Surging currents on a dark night part 1
Chapter 145: The most wanted fugitive
Chapter 144: Silver Trout Academy's genius freshman
Chapter 143: Appear, the second dark horse!
Chapter 142: He's the core
Chapter 141: Still hasn't had enough?
Chapter 140: Triumphant advance
Chapter 139: Winning back to back!
Chapter 138 The spectacle begins
Chapter 137: Strange team, onstage
Chapter 136: A first match earlier than expected
Chapter 135: Vying for the fighting sequence
Chapter 134: A true god of death
Chapter 133: Fatality
Chapter 132: Danger onstage
Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting
Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song
Chapter 129: Blowing the horn of Sea God Academy's counterattack
Chapter 128: A lopsided figh
Chapter 127: The strongest girl
Chapter 126: First day of the tournamen
Chapter 125: Underestimated teams
Chapter 124: Before the tournament starts
Chapter 123: Group drawing
Chapter 122: A dragon's arrival
Chapter 121: Weeds-level team
Chapter 120: The City in the Sky, we're here!
Chapter 119: A chaotic departure
Chapter 118: National tournament, begin!
Chapter 117: I'll definitely kill you with my own hands
Chapter 116: Danger, counterattack!
Chapter 115: A mighty personage's revenge
Chapter 114: Betrayal
Chapter 113: Bait, cloak and dagger
Chapter 112: Dwarven burial ground
Chapter 111: Start of the real-combat mission!
Chapter 110: Absolute domain-type arcane spell
Chapter 109: Two harmonious figures
Chapter 108: Real missions
Chapter 107: Stingham's collapse
Chapter 106: Ah... These former giants
Chapter 105 Special training starts again
Chapter 104: No time for grief
Chapter 103: Loss and blessing with a faint smile
Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!
Chapter 101: Total blind guess
Chapter 100: See if I can graze you
Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles
Chapter 98: Fist against fis
Chapter 97: Imagining the opponent as a chicken leg
Chapter 96: Fooled again and again
Chapter 95: Leave no regret behind
Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!
Chapter 93: A troop of problem children
Chapter 92: Dragon clans
Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected gues
Chapter 90: Body Ignition
Chapter 89: The road to ultimate strength!
Chapter 88: The menace of evil
Chapter 87: I owe you a debt of life
Chapter 86: Sent flying with one move, an alarming turn of events!
Chapter 85: Golden Lion Academy's forfei
Chapter 84: Condensing arcane particles
Chapter 83: Rinloran's secre
Chapter 82: The rule of heroes
Chapter 81: Outstanding treacherousness
Chapter 80: The most reckless guy
Chapter 79: In order to protec
Chapter 78: Still a mystery
Chapter 77: A blooded crown
Chapter 76: Conceding defea
Chapter 75: Innate charisma
Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die
Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy's goddess
Chapter 72: Smashed away!
Chapter 71: Surprise
Chapter 70: The missing Ayrin
Chapter 69: Fight with courage! Brave warrior!
Chapter 68: First match ever
Chapter 67: I have a very good relationship with him
Chapter 66: The meeting before the match
Chapter 65: The weight of a dream
Chapter 64: The tournament's burning atmosphere
Chapter 63: Hit me then, teacher
Chapter 62: Self-feeling ability
Chapter 61 Freak teacher and monster studen
Chapter 60: Desperate battle
Chapter 59: A willing foundation stone!
Chapter 58: Focal fights
Chapter 57: Superb momentum
Chapter 56: Brave warrior
Chapter 55: Illusion Sword
Chapter 54: First Figh
Chapter 53: Heart of War
Chapter 52: School team selection
Chapter 51: Special meanings, protection
Chapter 50: Flaming Evil Eye!
Chapter 49: Abnormal arcane gate and spiritual strength
Chapter 48: It seems there are arcane particles
Chapter 47: Bitter figh
Chapter 46: Not following through your words, that's the real shameful thing
Chapter 45: I'll come back tomorrow to beat you up
Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony Part 2
Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony Part 1
Chapter 43: Attack then, brave warrior!
Chapter 42: Arcane Gates Part 2
Chapter 42: Arcane Gates part 1
Chapter 41: Fear and courage
Chapter 40: Celebrity fighter
Chapter 39: Supreme arrogance
Chapter 38: The frightened teacher and the missing Moss
Chapter 37: The shadow of the Evil Dragon's followers
Chapter 36: Growth
Chapter 35: Green eyes
Chapter 34: Challenges, black balls!
Chapter 33: The Three Freshmen
Chapter 32: Shedding off burden
Chapter 31: Bloody transformation in a dark nigh
Chapter 30: Force out the potential?
Chapter 29: The young man who ran for his dream
Chapter 28: He really has a notebook
Chapter 27: A clear way forward!
Chapter 26: Sweet candy and midnight screech
Chapter 25: Night infirmary visi
Chapter 24: Holy Dawn Academy's greatest secret skill!
Chapter 23: Dream and Determination!
Chapter 22: A teacher's ardent shou
Chapter 21: True bravery
Chapter 20: The Amazing Girl, going on stage!
Chapter 19 – Beastman bloodline
Chapter 18: A dangerous newcomer
Chapter 17: Team Southern Monsoon
Chapter 16
Chapter 15: Body training
Chapter 14: Beast Battling Exam in chaos
Chapter 13: Three great elites
Chapter 12: Terrifying team of five
Chapter 11: Giant Food Monster
Chapter 10: Belo's starter ambition
Chapter 9: Under the starry skies
Chapter 8: The Amazing Girl
Chapter 7: Punishing a band of three
Chapter 6: Impetuous Freshman, Notebook Teacher
Chapter 5: A not so simple roommate
Chapter 4: Fusion! The power of bloodlines!
Chapter 3: Giant bloodline and elven bloodline, going on stage!
Chapter 2: Onward! Holy Dawn Academy!
Chapter 1: An awakened youth! Arcane masters, the power of bloodlines!